Villa Wyman


Extract from our Consititution as a not-for-profit organization

Objectives - The objective or objectives of the Organization are:

To contititue a not-for-profit organization for housing having as an objective the creation of affordable residences with suport services for senior citizens for for those with handcaps, being residences for the people of the area and region.

To offer such residences to the people of Hudson and area, in proximity to their home context.

To furnish services in the context of warm and safe bilingual housing, to optimize the quality of the residents.

To receive money, funds and other goods by public and private campaigns, by grants or by any other manner including solicitation, the receiving and acceptance of donations, legacies, gifts or other contributions or benefits.

The goals and objectives of the Organization are exclusively charitable and explicitly include all philanthropic, religious, social, and volunteer goals.

All without any intention of financial gain for the members

All to be known to not constitute and establishment in the sense of the law regarding health an social services.

Our administrative committee

  • Diane Ratcliffe, president
  • Kent Chown (Rev), secretary
  • Peter Mundie, treasurer
  • Sally Janson
  • Bill Young